BNS Experiences

The leadership & professional learning experiences in August & September:
All Hands on Deck! Hiring and Developing with Intention

Saturday, August 5th (9am-1pm CST)


Audience: Administrators/Owners


Are you currently looking to hire additional team members? Are you hiring to simply feel a spot or meet the needs of the families you serve? This interactive session will give participants an opportunity to discuss their current hiring and developing approach and how it can make the greatest impact on the diverse team members, children, and families.


Registration Link: Session Full (Closed)

WHEN LEADERS TALK SERIES…………Behind the Lens: Cultivating the Change Mindset

Thursday, September 14th (5-8pm CST)


Audience: Administrators/Owners


How successful have you been with unexpected change? How do you currently respond when making sudden decisions? How does it make you feel? This collaborative conversation will provide the opportunity to reflect on current personal challenges associated with change and discuss one of the most essential attributes to help adjust your lens as a change leader.


Registration Link: Available Soon

LET'S GET INTENTIONAL SERIES…………. Look Again! Redefining the Early Learning Environments

Saturday, September 23st (9am-12noon CST)

Houston, TX


Audience: Teachers & Administrators


Are you an early childhood professional who desires to approach early learning environments with more intention that support the all early learners? If yes, this interactive session will create a community of learning, sharing, and reflection connected to diversity, equity, and inclusion that supports child success within the classroom. During this time, participants will explore a variety of classroom designs, types of materials, and innovative strategies that foster a more inclusive and equitable classroom for all children


Registration Link: FULL (CLOSED)

BEYOND THE TRAINER SERIES-Session 1: Is This Me? Introducing Characteristics and Approaches of an Effective Facilitative Leader

Thursday, September 21st (5-8pm CST)


Audience: Administrators/Owners/Facilitators


Do you have a passion for developing other professionals in the field? Do you have a current need to train and develop your employees and team members? Are you actively training your employees and team members, but want to become more effective in your approach? This interactive session will give participants an opportunity to discover and discuss characteristics of an effective facilitative leader and receive a variety of modalities that will help identify overall facilitative leadership styles.


Registration Link: Available Soon