Client & Testimonials

Thanks for a wonderful session! The teachers were more engaged than ever!

Brittany A., Director

Dr. Alexander's training was effective, interactive, and setup well as a breakout session. Providers felt comfortable sharing and were engaged. Training is realistic and can be incorporated in business very well. Hands-on engagement by the trainer was so beneficial, with great incorporation of keynote points into training. Amazing flexibility based on contribution from audience and transitions to what they are needing/saying. Some material can go over heads at first, but trainer explained in depth and participants were able to understand. Content was relevant and needed for the child care community.

CC Business Development Team

I enjoyed your session!!!

Carla H., Director and CCBA Summit Participant

I had the opportunity to attend Dr. Alexander’s training on April 22, 2023 in Fort Worth Texas and it was phenomenal! He spoke on “The Change Mindset” and ways to embrace change positively and how to ‘pivot’ and move forward! 


I was able to incorporate some of the strategies discussed in my current personal and professional life. This training was a 10/10, must attend!!

Demeka T., Administrative Coordinator

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